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The Ionian islands, off the west coast of Greece, are renowned for their stunning scenery, crystal clear waters, and hidden bays and beautiful beaches. They have become a favorite place for lovers of sailing and boating, while the traditions and architecture of different islands attract tourists of all kinds.

The small island of Kastos, with its small geographical extent, it is a magical place to see at least once in their lives, although it will be hard not to get us back.

For unspoiled nature and the many coastal coves , Kastos is the ideal destination for all boaters and those who love peace and nature offered by this little gem of the Ionian Sea

Among typical and purely tourist cafes and accommodation, the island has managed to retain its charm over time thanks to its olive trees and its wild natural setting, among the oldest settlements of the island the small village of Kalikerimi, whose beaches have a sea full of fish and among the cleanest in the Mediterranean, small caves only accessible by boat north of Kastos harbor. Do not miss one of the most popular ports and visited the island of Agios Emilianos.

Among the beaches to visit on the island, reachable only by boat, they are reported Fiki, Ambelakia, Limni, Kamini and Vrissidi in the southeast of the island. The only rocky beach on the west coast, is the beautiful Bay of the Saracens.

The island offers a variety of activities. Just think of the cultural landmarks, the wide range of sports in which to engage, or simply to relax, sipping coffee and watching the boats that dock in one of the many picturesque bays.

Kastos is located near Ithaca, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Meganissi, among the most famous and traditional popular destination for sailors and every type of tourist. The addition Kastos island is separated from the neighboring island of Kalamos by a deep channel.

Kastos capture the attention of all forms of boating enthusiasts and yachting. The main port offers mooring facilities and refreshment thanks to several taverns present. To the south of the island there are bays and coves perfect for boating and the overnight mooring exploration.

Kastos is relatively easy to reach by private boat or ferry, the nearest town on the mainland is Mytikas about 20 minutes. From there, the Preveza airport, served by direct flights from the UK and many Western European cities, is 45 minutes away with car.

The very idea of ​​a place yet to be discovered and untouched in the 21st century it seems unlikely, to say the least .

That this place could be the small island of Kastos off the southwest of Greece, surrounded by clear blue sea and with verdant hills, deserted beaches, two charming and very small ports and with little more than 50 residents, make our invitation a suggestion frankly implausible. Yet it is so, the small island of Kastos seems to be the ideal destination for everyone.

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